Valentina is a London-based, Soviet-born singer-songwriter/pianist originally from Odessa on the Black Sea. She is currently working on her third album, after independently releasing her first two albums Love is.. and Love is Love. Valentina loves to mix genres and to cross musical as well as cultural borders. This shines through in “Soulchild”, “Let me show you”, “For every kiss” and “You can’t plan love” (the latter is in production). Her latest single “Do you ever” was produced by an award-winning Brazilian producer Rodrigo Campello and is available from 16 November 2018. Whilst her songs strive to break down convention, lyrical and musical expectations, borders and rules, she always stays true to her Russo-Ukrainian, James Bondesque roots. Her music is the stuff of films and takes you on a journey. Be ready to escape.



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London, UK

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